Real Flavours of Grenada

Patrick’s Home Style Restaurant, Kirani James Boulevard

If you would like to try some real Grenadian homestyle cooking, then you must stop by Patrick’s. Open daily for dinner, Patrick’s offers a mouth watering selection of over 20 different Grenadian dishes, which gives you a delicious chance to sample all of Grenada’s popular dishes at once, while relaxing on his veranda.

Selections from the menu: callaloo soup, pumpkin soup, lobster salad, ocean crab salad, chicken salad, cod fish fritters, gingered pork, fried jacks, cou-cou, fresh fish steaks, lambie in creole sauce, stir fried rabbit, spinach rice, fresh water crayfish, beef casserole, curried mutton, tannia cakes with shrimps, oildown cooked with coconut cream, green papaya in cheese sauce, chocolate, carrot or banana cake. Patrick’s is located on Lagoon Road in St. George’s, opposite the entrance to Grenada Yacht Services.

BB’s Crabback Restaurant, Carenage

If you love seafood then you must visit BB’s Crabback, located on the Carenage in St. George’s.  Opened Mon thru Sat it is situated right on the water. There you will feel the fresh sea breeze, smell the salt from the sea mixed with tantalising aromas of the kitchen while enjoying the picturesque beauty of the Carenage.

Selections from the menu: Curried Carribean Special, prawns cooked in butter and lobster sauce served with mango and pimentos, pan fried prime fillet of red mullet and sea bream served with sweet potato cakes, okras, mixed peppers in a lime and garlic sauce, chicken breast marinated in 12 herbs cooked in coconut oil served with sweet potatoes and Caribbean Ham Mash, fillet of barracuda wrapped with bacon panfried and served in a crab and lobster sauce, tuna steak grilled served with callaloo, butter and red wine sauce, red snapper fillet in a rich ratatouille sauce, jerk pork or chicken, whole lobster (seasonal), oildown (Grenada’s National Dish, available Friday’s only.

Coconut Beach Creole Restaurant, Grand Anse Beach

Another quaint little restaurant where you will find tasty local cuisine mixed with some traditional favourites is Coconut Beach located on the northern end of Grand Anse Beach.  If you are looking for a restaurant with Caribbean spirit then Coconut Beach French Creole Restaurant is the place for you.

Selections from the menu: Cream of pumpkin soup, callaloo soup, tomato soup, mixed salad with fish, conch salad, shrimp cocktail, lobster cocktail, thazard salad, half steamed lobster served with garlic butter and garnishes, lobster crepe, lobster spaghetti, lobster stir-fried with ginger and soy sauce, lobster salad, calamari salad, seafood wrap, vegetable wrap, hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, French fries.

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